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Why choose us:

We, at Lochi we offer various products that has to do with the electrical that are customers need. We focus on installation of solar panels as well as provide other reliable electrical gadgets to our customers that they may see need. We also offer repairs for our customers and any other challenges that they may have with our systems.

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Our Products


Hybrid UPS Inverter

A Home Inverter with inbuilt solar charge controller is normally named as Hybrid solar inverter. With this type of inverter, we can charge our Battery with both grid power and solar power. Not simultaneously, but priority will be given to solar power by default, we can override the settings manually. This inverter automatically uses grid power to charge our battery when sunlight is not available or very cloudy atmosphere.


Solar batteries

Solar batteries are used to store solar energy (solar electricity) and discharge power as and when needed. Rechargeable solar batteries are used in off-grid PV systems to store excess electricity. Some solar battery banks use wet cells, while others use sealed or gel cell batteries. Each of these batteries have different temperature, mounting, and ventilation requirements.


Solar Panels

Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity for your home or business. Our sun is a natural nuclear reactor. It releases tiny packets of energy called photons, which travel the 93 million miles from the sun to Earth in about 8.5 minutes. Every hour, enough photons impact our planet to generate enough solar energy to theoretically satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.


 They sell good products which are durable and last longer l have had my system since last year February up till now it hasn't given me problems 

The installers are so friendly that we were actually so free to tell them what we wanted and how we wanted it.they sure know how to create a god working relationship with clients. 

Lochi installations give the best service..they installed a package 2 system at my house and it has been going on well ever since. it once gave me problem and when l called them they attend to the problem right away.. 



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